Do I Need Water Filtration?

Do you frequently fall victim to the $8 lattes at your neighborhood coffee shop? It’s not your fault if you do. In fact, you can probably blame your home’s water quality for the fact that your at-home coffee never matches up to the coffee shops.

What’s wrong with my water quality?

There are probably a few factors at work here—water hardness and contamination. If your home has hard water, it means that the water flowing through your home’s pipes has a higher than average mineral content. Those minerals can have a wide range of effects on your home and your body. Some of the most common impacts of hard water include:

  • Dry skin and hair—The minerals in hard water make it difficult for soaps and shampoo to lather and soak into your skin or hair, which will leave them feeling dry and brittle.
  • Water spots on dishes—Similarly to shampoo, detergents have a hard time permeating hard water and truly getting a good clean on your dishes; this leaves water spots left on the dishes.
  • Plumbing—One of the most noticeable impacts hard water will have on your home is on the plumbing itself. The mineral content in the water can lead to build-up within the pipes themselves, which will restrict water flow over time. Or the residue will build upon the exterior of the plumbing fixture, which will slow water flow and ruin the look of your plumbing fixtures.

The other issue, water contamination, can be a result of high chemical content from the cleaning chemicals water plants use to disinfect water or just other debris your water comes in contact with along the journey to your home.

How can I fix my hard water?

If you’re tired of drinking mediocre coffee at home, then it’s time to install a water softening and filtration system. The water softener will help to eliminate the mineral content from your home’s water, and the filtration aspect will remove all other contaminants.

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