ceiling fan

How to Properly Use Your Ceiling Fan

A lot of homes have ceiling fans inside of them, but most people don't pay much attention to them or really understand how they work, and there is a proper way to use your ceiling fan. Avoid making the common mistakes and learn how to utilize your ceiling fan correctly here:

Use The Right Setting

Did you know that your ceiling fan has settings? We're not just talking about the speed that it rotates, but also the direction that it rotates in. The clockwise rotation on your ceiling fan is best for winter temperatures because it creates an updraft, pulling cool air up towards the ceiling and pushing warm air down into the room. Conversely, the counterclockwise rotation is best for summer weather because it pushes cool air down into the room, simulating a cooling breeze.

Use it At The Right Time

Don't make the mistake of leaving your ceiling fan on all day, every day throughout the warmer months. Contrary to popular belief, your ceiling fan does not cool the room down; it cools the person in the room down. It does this by using the windchill effect. By pushing cooler air down throughout the room, it simulates a nice breeze, but this breeze does nothing to change the actual temperature of the room; it just cools the skin down.

So leaving your ceiling fan on when no one is in the room is really just a waste of energy and money.

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