smart plug

What is a Smart Plug?

If you’re anything like us, then you’re constantly looking to find ways to automate your home and make daily life more efficient. One of the newer ways to do this is with the addition of smart plugs to your house. Smart plugs are an easy way to automate any wired devices in your home.

To get it to work, all you need to do is insert the smart plug into an existing outlet and connect it to your WiFi network. Then plug in your desired device or appliance like a lamp, and now you’ll have fully automated control over that lamp and plug.

What Can I Do With a Smart Plug?

There are no limits to the ways a smart plug can make your life easier, but here are some of our favorite ways to utilize the smart plug:

  1. Automate Christmas lights—we know Christmas was a few months ago, but keep this in mind for next year! With a smart plug, you’ll never have to worry about the 3 am panic of thinking you left the Christmas tree lights on. Just set a schedule for when you want the lights to turn off every night.
  2. Keep your home safe even while you’re away—going on vacation? Neighborhood burglars don’t need to know that. Set up a timer on the lights in your house, so they turn on and off throughout the day, making it seem like someone is home, even when they're not.

Are you ready to turn your home into a smart house? Start with this simple step and see where else it can lead. If you need help with the electrical aspects of the upgrades, give our team a call. Either visit our contact us page to fill out a form or give us a call at (979) 243-2568.