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In the state of Texas, it’s too hot to go without a working air conditioner. Luckily, our College Station AC installation team at Dailey Company, Inc. have always got you covered. Our College Station AC replacement technicians are equipped with nothing but the latest, industry-leading technology, so your home never receives anything less than the best.

We’re also an A+-rated, Better Business Bureau-approved air conditioning provider, meaning our services are held to the very highest standards. And with favorable reviews from customers in College Station and beyond, you know you can trust our cooling experts at Dailey Company, Inc. to take care of all your air conditioning installation needs.

When you're looking for College Station AC installation or replacement services, give us a call at (979) 243-2568 to schedule an appointment with our AC technicians.

When you call Dailey Company, Inc. for AC installation in College Station, you get:

Signs You Need an AC Replacement

1. Old age - AC units last on average from 8-12 years depending on brand, use, environment and maintenance levels. If yours is much older than that, don't put more money into it by repairing it if it breaks down and contact our College Station AC replacement experts instead.

2. One repair after another - If you're needing an AC repair seemingly every season, it's time for a new unit. Not only will all your repair calls add up, but it's evident a new unit is on the horizon anyway.

3. Indoor air quality that's suffering - If you're noticing an uptick in dust or humidity in your summer months, it could be your AC. As air conditioning units age they can pump out some dust and negatively impact your IAQ in other ways so be on the look out.

4. It requires R22 Freon - Since the beginning of 2020 the coolant Freon has stopped being produced as it's harmful for the environment. While the use of the refrigerant isn't illegal it will become increasingly cost prohibitive in the future.

5. It won't turn on - First test out another electrical appliance in your outlet and if something else works, then consult our AC replacement technicians because it's your unit that's dead.

Call (979) 243-2568 to consult our College Station AC replacement experts today.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Air Conditioner in College Station

At Dailey Company, Inc., our College Station AC replacement team promises to always do everything we can to repair your air conditioner before replacing it. However, there comes a point where your unit is breaking down so much, it may be more cost-effective to replace it entirely. Watch out for signs such as rising energy bills, cold spots, and frequent system breakdowns, and never hesitate to give our skilled College Station AC installation techs a call. We promise that no matter what kind of home you have, we can help you find the perfect air conditioner for your needs.

Top benefits of calling Dailey Company, Inc. for College Station air conditioning replacements include:

  • Increased Energy-Efficiency: If you have noticed your current air conditioner’s performance falling as your cooling bills are rising, it is likely because your system is wearing down, and has to work harder to cool your whole space. Rather than spending more money for less comfort, call Dailey Company, Inc. and upgrade to an energy-efficient air conditioning system that may actually SAVE you money by reducing your energy costs over time.
  • Longer System Lifespan: Modern air conditioners can last between 10-15 years, assuming they receive regular maintenance. At Dailey Company, Inc., we pride ourselves on helping you get the most out of your investment, and will always make sure you have a system that is sized correctly for your home. This way you can get the most out of your air conditioner for years to come.
  • Greater Cooling Relief: Ultimately, the best reason to upgrade your air conditioner is always more comfort. If you are tired of your system frequently cycling on and off or failing to completely cool your home, our technicians can help you find a replacement that offers more power, at a lower cost, that will perform efficiently for at least a decade.

Call Our College Station AC Installation and Replacement Team Today

For over 15 years, Dailey Company, Inc. strives to provide exceptional services at affordable prices. That’s why we offer various financing options and specials to suit any budget. Our technicians are also fully licensed, insured, and background-checked to provide the most professional service available. And with on-time arrivals and clean-up services before we leave, there’s no reason to go anywhere else when you need a College Station AC installation company.

Dailey Company, Inc. is available for College Station AC installation appointments by phone at (713) 496-0877, or you can send us a message online.

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