electrical panel

Electrical Panels 101

Without electrical panels, our homes would have no lights, and our appliances would have no power. But a lot of people don’t even know where their panels are located, let alone what they’re responsible for. Keep reading to get all of the crucial details on your electrical panels.

What is an electrical panel?

Your electrical panel is a metal box with a metal door that you can typically find in a tucked-away part of your home. Inside the box are breakers that control where electricity flows throughout your home. Your breakers might be labeled by room or by appliance s you can determine what gets electricity.

If too much electricity begins to surge to a room or an appliance, the breaker will flip to the off position, preventing electricity from flowing there. This protects that outlet and appliance from severe damage and prevents fires from starting.

When should I replace it?

Your electrical panel should be replaced after 25 to 40 years of use as a general rule of thumb. Now that’s a vast time range, so that the specifics will depend on a number of different factors. Keep some of these signs and rules in mind when deciding on your own home:

  • Are you constantly having to flip your breakers? It might be time for a new system.
  • If your panel smells like it’s burning, this is very concerning, and you will most likely need to replace the panel. At the very least, contact an electrician right away.
  • Is your panel warm or hot to the touch? This means your system is overheating, which could be a sign of severe damage to come.
  • If the lights flicker or dim whenever you use a large appliance, then you should call an electrician. You’ll either need circuits added, or you’ll need to replace the panel.
  • If you plan to upgrade or add new appliances to your home, you should consider installing a new electrical panel. Likely, your old panel won’t have the capacity to handle the electrical demand of your newer appliances.

If you have questions or concerns about your home’s electrical panel, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at Dailey Company, Inc..