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Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

The time has come, your air conditioner is starting to show the signs of its age, and you’re left wondering whether you should shell out the money for more repairs, replace the broken pieces or if it’s time to purchase a whole new system. It’s a big decision and one no one enjoys making, but it’s crucial to your home and your comfort, especially as summer approaches.

With the warm weather approaching and the temperatures growing increasingly hotter, a properly working air conditioner is even more important. Make sure you’re making the decision that’s best for your home and your wallet, not just in the moment but for the future as well. To ensure that you do make the right choice, we have put this blog post together outlining the reasons repairs might be best in certain times and why replacements are best at others. Keep reading for our full breakdown.

Consider the Age of Your Current AC System

Step one of determining whether you should repair or replace your air conditioning unit is figuring out the age of your system. According to Energy Star, replacing an air conditioning unit that is ten years old could save you up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs. So, even if your system is seemingly running smoothly without problems, you could still save money with a new unit simply because they are more efficient.

If you decide to go with a new unit, make sure to look at the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating and the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating. These ratings will help you determine the overall efficiency of the unit. For the SEER rating, the higher the number is, the more efficient it is. Additionally, an efficient HVAC unit will achieve an AFUE of 95% or higher.

To sum it up, if you’ve had the same air conditioning system for more than ten years, it’s time to start looking for a new one.

Examine the Problems You’ve Had With Your Current System

Not all problems are created equal, and therefore they don’t all cost the same amount of money. If your air conditioning problem is rooted in not changing the air filters, then don’t replace your system; just change the filters! However, if you’ve experienced the following problems, it might be time for a big change.

Steadily Increasing Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed your energy bills rising one month to the next spanning several months, you can even look at this month’s bill compared to last year’s at the same time to really see a difference. If the current bill is drastically higher, that’s a sign of worsening efficiency.

And remember, even with the best care; eventually, all systems wear out and require replacement.

A Consistent Decrease in Comfort

If you’ve noticed yourself needing to adjust the thermostat every 10 minutes then it also might be time for a new unit. Your system should be keeping you consistently comfortable with little thought or effort from you, and if it’s not doing its job, then it’s time to get a new one.

Analyze the Cost of Your Past Repairs VS. Replacement

If the cost of repairing your system is relatively insignificant, then it’s worth it to go with the repair. But if the cost of repair is equivalent to half of the price of a new system, it’s more cost-effective to replace it altogether.

If you’ve made your decision and you’re ready to schedule your next air conditioner repair or install a brand new system, then give our team a call. No matter the choice you’ve made, we’ll be able to make sure your hope stays cool all summer long. And if you’re still unsure of which choice is best for you, then contact our team for specialized guidance! We can perform an inspection on your system and give you a full breakdown of the pros and cons of both options!

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